Luminous signs.

These are flag poles for your image and your profession.
They put you out in front 24/7 and insure your visibily .
Made in pure aluminium, they stand the test of time and weather, or made in wood for a more rustic look.
They enclose a light source which can be more or less intense and they light up a logo or texte.
The boxes can be made for indoors or outdoors and are made to measure.
We can propose a whole variety of finishings, colours or shapes and sizes.
Boxes can maximise your impact as much by day as by night for an affordable price.
Double sided boxes.
Double sided boxes, also known as « out of wall » boxes are solutions for communicating from your
wall on both sides, be it with a luminous box or not.
Generally, they are installed on top of shop windows and complete the effect of the luminous boxes.
Visible from both sides, they facilitate finding your business.
They are available with flat, rounded, luminous or not faces and can be painted with RAL coulours of
your choice.